Welcome to the 5th White Widow review I've done.  This one is by 7ACRES, a product that was available since the start of Canada's legalization, I just haven't seen it until now. Visuals I'd say the visuals are above standard. Buds are full

This is part 2/2 of the MAC mishap, where I thought a lot of Capulator's Miracle Alien Cookies had been sold to some of the big guys, but it turned out to be an error on the Alberta Cannabis website.

So one morning, I'm browsing the Alberta Cannabis website and I see few Indica/Sativa products were listed as Miracle Alien Cookies. One was Daily Special, as well as a few others. Probably should have known it was an error, but

Another quick review today, this is called Harmony Organic, it's a CBD Skunk Haze. Visuals Big shape. Fairly weak details. Ton of trim left, making the bud look rough and unkempt. And not the good kind of rough and unkempt, like that

Thanks for reading today's review, it's just a quick look at one purchase I made, but didn't put a full review together, so it's written in retrospect. And while we're outside the constraints of a formal review, I'll do a header

This is a quick look at Wildlife D-Bubba, a purchase of mine I didn't have a chance to do a formal review on. I found this one disappointing, from multiple angles; visuals, olfaction and price. Visuals We're close to ghastly. By my eye,

Today we continue our quest with Bhodi's Goji OG, by looking at one produced by a company called Qwest. Also called We Grow BC, which isn't as slick if you ask me. LINEAGE Quick check on the lineage for Goji OG, it's

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