Today we review what is my second review of a dry sift retail product, this is Wagner's Choice dry sift. The formal name of this product is THC Kief- Wagner's Choice GE. I think the name is not in reference to

The olfactory characteristics of JWC's West Coast Sour Diesel fail to surpass the visual compromises or, meet the expectations set by their price point. Figured I'd go back to the summary sentence; rips it off like a band-aid. Today we look

Today we review Delta-9 Lemon Meringue. Honestly, the best part of this product is it might teach you the proper spelling of meringue, as in Lemon Meringue Pie. Which I mean as criticism all around, to the producer that grew this,

At $9 per gram, JWC's Shishkaberry GE offers standard flavours in fair magnitude, but the visual compromises make it difficult to validate the price point. Today we review JWC's version of Shishkaberry. No source information is given in the listing, instead

The value offered by Top Leaf's GSC flower at $14.29 per gram is fully overshadowed by tainted aroma and taste; coupled with poor function for both smoking and vaporizing, the cannabis is unusable.  Here we go with Sundial's Top Leaf GSC

This is my first review of retail dry sift. I'm going to use my usual review protocol, with reduced specificity, providing non-comparative observations mostly. For reviews of this product type (non-melt dry sift) I have to change the equipment I use.

Today we review Delta 9's version of Lemon Skunk. I'd say it's a good example of getting what you pay for. Quality Structure and size are the features that you might feel good about. The olfactory features are lacking to the point

Today we look at a OG Grape Krypt. I purchased this offering from Shelter Market, sold under a brand called Wildlife, which appears to be a processor. So I think it's fair to surmise this cannabis wasn't grown by Wildlife, but

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