Thanks for joining me for the review today, it's the last of this batch of Pure Sunfarm's reviews, White Rhino. By now we've looked at three single grams from this producer. I've made my observations and set the stats within the

Today we look at Wappa, bred by Paradise Seeds. This is our 4th time reviewing Wappa, this one happens to be produced by Redecan. Visuals I called them neutral. Up close, I think they look good. The trim is exact. On this

Today we review something called Mazar x GWS. This is produced by United Greeneries, sold under their Royal High brand. In summary, the single gram offering is poor value. The measurable features are average, the sensory features are a mix of

Today we look at El Dorado, or The Golden, in Spanish, which is just something I googled so I could fill this space. Organigram also calls this Kanata on their medical side. This is one of the Organigram offerings I

The part of me that waded through expensive cannabis that didn't meet the minimum standard of quality loves Pure SunFarms. But really, their stuff isn't anything that special. Their cutting edge is they bring a good product, at a fair

Hello and welcome to my first review of a retail offering produced outdoors. This is Green House Seed's Holy Punch and it's produced by DelShen, and sold under the 48 North brand. Lineage Green House has The Church, a mix of Super

I attended an infused dinner before Canada legalized. Was just a meet and greet, preliminary event. After the dinner, someone pulled out some really skunky weed and I can still remember the feeling of smelling it. The pungency was so aggressive,

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