Today we look at Wappa, bred by Paradise Seeds. This is our 4th time reviewing Wappa, this one happens to be produced by Redecan. Visuals I called them neutral. Up close, I think they look good. The trim is exact. On this

Today we review something called Mazar x GWS. This is produced by United Greeneries, sold under their Royal High brand. In summary, the single gram offering is poor value. The measurable features are average, the sensory features are a mix of

Today we look at El Dorado, or The Golden, in Spanish, which is just something I googled so I could fill this space. Organigram also calls this Kanata on their medical side. This is one of the Organigram offerings I

Hello and welcome to my first review of a retail offering produced outdoors. This is Green House Seed's Holy Punch and it's produced by DelShen, and sold under the 48 North brand. Lineage Green House has The Church, a mix of Super

I attended an infused dinner before Canada legalized. Was just a meet and greet, preliminary event. After the dinner, someone pulled out some really skunky weed and I can still remember the feeling of smelling it. The pungency was so aggressive,

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