Hey there, thanks for joining me for the write up today. This one is on Aphria's Alien Dawg, and they sell it under their Solei brand. This one I suggest to you parallels the visual quality for what we reviewed yesterday,

Hey, today we're looking at a Redecan version of TH Seed's Cold Creek Kush. There's actually not a lot of fat to chew here. The trim is liberal and the buds are small. Not sure if you'd call it overboard. Pretty

Tantalus Labs Blue Dream Looking at Tantalus Labs Blue Dream today, another one. This is from Tantalus Labs and it's my second time reviewing their Blue Dream, I haven't seen it since September 2018. I purchased this from Alberta's provincial

I haven't reviewed Acreage Pharms in a while, here I am back with one of their better ones, Paradise Seed's All Kush. Two notes to make here: Quality is poor overall. You can see it in the photos. For the scent and

Today we check out a single gram of Pure Sunfarms' Afghani Kush. I thought this had neutral features throughout. None too exceptional, certainly up to standard for both measurable content and its qualitative features. Price point is the major advantage.  I show

Hey thanks for reading today's review, it's on Whistler's CBD Shark. This listing is marked + on their web site, I think that means it's e-beamed. Not really sure, I wasn't able to find out via Whistler's web site; might have

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