I have a few reviews on this web site where I've scoffed at Hash Plant, like some pearl-clutching down-looker. There are a few Hash Plants I think are cool. Mostly you see them hybridized with names in the current trend

Today we review Slurricane flower. This  offering has recent popularity, it's a cross of Archive's Do-Si-Dos and Purple Punch, bred by In House Genetics. This has been popular for a few years, which is enough time for In House to release

Grow Grew one plant of Jordan of the Islands BlackBerry Mouth. This is a cross of Dungeon Vault’s Foul Mouth (Dookies x Grandpa’s Breath) with Jordan of the Island’s Blackberry Kush. For anyone wondering, Dookies is pronounced like Cookies, it is a Diesel

Today we review Blue Sapphire, the cannabis cultivar so nice they named it twice. Just kidding, you can get a Sapphire in other colors besides blue, you just have to pay more for them.   Jordan of the islands has a sativa-based

Summary I tested some of the older ABV (already been vaporized) cannabis I've kept over the past few years using Keystone Labs Key-Box. An unknown amount of cannabis was placed in a crock pot with an unknown about of coconut oil

Doing Early Vixin today, this is Crop King seeds. And, pretty sure this entry was from the same grower who won the balanced category for Cali-O. Described as an easy to grow plant, Crop King has since discontinued Early Vixin. They

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