Doing Berry White today. Or more generally, Blue Widow, maybe White Berry, or sometimes Blue Venom. This one is by a company called Toronto Herbal Remedies (THR) and is sold under a brand called Caliber.  Just an interesting BTW, Canna Farms also

We're looking at Monzanto, bred by World's Strongest Strains. Grown by @danobookem, this one blew me away personally, but I didn't really know of WSS or Monzanto. So I had to look into it. Special thanks to Eamon Cyr, who was

Violator, or Violator Kush, one of my most beloved cannabis plants.  I first encountered this cultivar at Cannabis Culture in Toronto, 2017. I purchased a single gram for $12, and had a great time with it, while taking in the Toronto

Today we look at something called Tangerine Cough. Lineage here is a clone only variant of NL5 Haze called The Cough with something that goes by the name Tangerine. Going by strictly Tangerine, I can track it back to two candidates,

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