Reflecting on the review for this intro, I want the $6.50 single gram price point to happen; I'm receptive to it. Aurora's Banana Split doesn't make stellar numbers, but it does have an enjoyable flavour profile, my sentiments on it are

Here we go again with White Widow. By now I can recite the Leafly description off by heart: White Widow is a mix of Brazilian Indica and Thai landraces, or something to that effect. Guess I called this a GSC or Ice

Reviewing Crunchberry today, its a Blueberry, OG cross. By name you might think it tastes like cereal. I'd tell you it's closer to melting a car tire slightly, and then licking the drippy parts; its edges are near caustic. Crunchberry is bred

Quick review here today. My data for this entry lacks both the name and cannabinoid content. Guess I called this a Girl Scout Cookies. Not a very precise guess, at the time of writing there are more variations of Girl Scout Cookies

Sour Kush today. This is Reserva Privada, later DNA Genetics, later still, available via many copies; some synonymous, some not. Some in the latter category are arguably better. Is that what we have here? No idea. Guess I guessed this was a

Looking at God Bud today. God Bud is a Jordan of the Island's cultivar. In some places, I see this attributed to the BC Bud Depot. Both outfits have an offering, one seems a bit more credible to me, I can't

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