If you were to ask me who bred Super Silver Haze in casual conversation, I'd tell you it was Green House Seeds. But with a quick search, I can find 17 breeders offering something called Super Silver Haze, and I'd

We're checking out Summer Fling by Aurora today. Some summer flings are great. There's a song, and a carnival. John Travolta may be involved, Olivia Newton-John might show up in those leather pants. Compared to a charade like that, this is

Looking at Passion Fruit today, this is Dutch Passion. Background for this cultivar stems from a Sweet Pink Grapefruit and and Orange Bud. Cannabinoid Content You're looking at the contest winner for THC content here.  36% total cannabinoids, 35% was THC. I'd done about 250

By my measure, The Batch was one of the first three value brands. As I write pancakenap.com, I know a thing or two about having to stick to terrible names, and I wonder how Tilray likes The Batch, now that

I'm going to start tracking data from my rosin presses.  With enough data, I can start to build a model that can estimate the potential return yielded by the press I use. And if I press enough cannabis where the content

Vaporizer I use a Volcano Vaporizer Classic by Storz and Bickel for these reviews. I set the temperature between 6 and 7, and review on two cycles of the chamber. Review Process I sit in the same spot each time, with the same

After I completed the series of these reviews, I brought all the unused portions of these single grams over to my Mom's house. She was hosting a group of people, all cannabis novices. They picked through all the bags, sensing

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