Here we go with another Sensi Star review:   From Paradise in the '90s, it's a relic. Loved by friends and cougars, damn near Tom Selleck.   Forth review, my interest is all feign. Past popularity, re-runs, Dr. Fraiser Crane.   Sensi is indica, might make you lazy. But

Today we look at a Hempfest 2019 entry called THC Bomb. This is my first experience with the cultivar, before this review it had never been on my radar. This bomb was bred by Bomb seeds, story checks out so far. Now

Looking at Creek Congo today, this is by a company called Rubicon Organics. This retail offering was sent in by Andrea Dobbs of Village Bloomery, she paid the whole cost, with shipping. I beat around the bush about reciprocity but quickly

Looking at Aurora's Gummies today. These were purchased at Omkara in Calgary. Here's how this review went. I bought these, and took some photos of them while thinking 'wow, these look like they taste good'. So I ate one. Turns out,

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