From a competitive standpoint, right now, I'd tell you this defines the apex. Trendy breeder. Famous parents. Well grown. Looks fuzzy. Has purple. Smells orange, and wild.  Absolutely, it runs circles around the substantial majority of legal offerings, at half the

I'm not familiar with Blue Cush. As a self described scholar of traditional cannabis nomenclature, or strain names, I think there's a resonable expectation that this is a Green Crack x Blueberry. And via the aforementioned scholarly research (googling "Blue Cush" +

Today we look at an unnamed cultivar. I just kept the name the Hempfest admins gave it; 4498, or two shy of 4500, depending on your level of optimism. Cannabinoid Content This isn't an underdog story. Two shy didn't place for content

Short review today. This is a Hempfest 2019 entrant, didn't place, I rated it average and it doesn't appear to have cannabinoid testing. Guess on Cultivar This is the only one that I was able to guess blindly. Don't pat me on the

Checking out White Russian, by JWC. I've been going through 20 or so dried cannabis offerings in the last couple weeks, using and writing about each in the order of my own personal interest. This White Russian is my second to

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