I must admit, I've never been caught up in the hype of Gorilla Glue. Let's see what we are missing. Lineage Apparently, this cross started with accidental pollination between a intersexed Chem's Sister (early Chemdawg phenotype) and a Sour Dubb (Sour Diesel

Looking at something called Photon Torpedo today. Cultivar Info Now that I look back to what I wrote previously, I was fairly certain this was a Blue Dream or Blueberry, enough to go out on a limb to say so in the

CUltivar Info This is Big Sleepy Gorilla, another cultivar I cannot track via the name.   Cannabinoid Content This was entered into the CBD dominant category, it tested at 16% CBD, with a negligible amount of THC. Total cannabinoid content differed by half percent

After a quick check, there's no info on 'Glueberry's Baby'. Dutch Passion has a Glueberry OG, a OG Kush, Gorilla Glue #4, Blueberry cross. My best guess on the cultivar we review today would be a Glueberry incross, or Glueberry

This entry placed twice, once for best Sativa and once as 2nd place for the judges favourite.   Cultivar info Lemon Mango is a general name. I can best attribute it back to Lemon Mango OG by Apothecary Genetics, which is a OG

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