I must admit, I've never been caught up in the hype of Gorilla Glue. Let's see what we are missing. Lineage Apparently, this cross started with accidental pollination between a intersexed Chem's Sister (early Chemdawg phenotype) and a Sour Dubb (Sour Diesel

CUltivar Info This is Big Sleepy Gorilla, another cultivar I cannot track via the name.   Cannabinoid Content This was entered into the CBD dominant category, it tested at 16% CBD, with a negligible amount of THC. Total cannabinoid content differed by half percent

This entry placed twice, once for best Sativa and once as 2nd place for the judges favourite.   Cultivar info Lemon Mango is a general name. I can best attribute it back to Lemon Mango OG by Apothecary Genetics, which is a OG

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