We're going to look at 50 Kush today, this one is by Up. Like all Up's offerings, I'm not sure what this is, or why I would care about it. They've used the word 'Kush' in this listing, so, there's that. Reading

Going to look at another Up offering today. We've looked at Up offering previously, it was called Moon and I found it to be more Waning Crescent than Waxing Gibbons. We'll see how we do here. The one we look at

Red Genes is another home grown creation. Offspring from a F1 cross will lack consistent character, they'll look like dad, or mom, and everything in between. That's why I refer to this stage by general name, Red Genes, because it's

We look at Tweed's Chemdawg today, which they call Donegal, and sell the offering under their self-titled line. Check back to my grow review of Humboldt Seed Organization's Chemdawg for information on the lineage and pictures of the plant I grew.

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