JWC's production of DNA Genetics' Holy Grail Kush offers an attractive value proposition with a qualitatively superior product, priced at a reasonable level. Diving right in to the Holy Grail Kush today everyone. This is a DNA Genetics cultivar produced

This version of Do-Si-Dos wows with respectable visuals compounded by pleasant olfactory character and, on a larger scope, provides a glimpse into two notable Californian cultivars from past decades, and their influence on current popularity. This is my 3rd review of

Respectable in most categories, this Blueberry AK showcases subtle looks and flavours that kick like a mule. Hey everyone, doing the Blueberry AK today. By the name, I'd say we're looking at a cross of Blueberry and a sativa leaning regional

This rendition of the award winning Zkittlez has robust olfactory character and respectable visuals for an expensive, yet worthwhile price. Hey everyone, thanks for joining me for another cannabis review. We're going to look at an offering from a Californian dispensary

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