This Hindu Kush surpasses the quality we've seen from similar cultivars, is delivered at a value level price point but lacks lab testing. This Hindu Kush is a gift sample of peer to peer cannabis. Just like the Annihilator, we know

This Annihilator surpasses retail cannabis quality both visually and in olfactory pronunciation but lacks the minimum standards like lab testing and production methodology background. This is Annihilator is a sample of peer to peer cannabis. I'm aware of the price points,

I have a bunch of left over cannabis from last year. Some good buds, but mostly smalls and shake. Leftovers, mostly dry, nothing you would consider good eating. One of the attributes about a rosin press is it allows for easy

The 7ACRES Wappa maintains the quality seen in the higher priced product and delivers it within ~10% of the market average price. This offering hits the high points for visual appearance and is an interesting rendition of Wappa's appealing flavour

Learned some lessons about rosin pressing with dry sift, thought I would write them down. I learn by doing, which means I make a shit-ton of mistakes. Here are two of them: Point Loading the Filter Bag.Leaving the Filter Bag Open. For

Today we talk about 7ACRES' offering of Jean Guy, a version which defines the upper ranges of price and performs similarly in quality. We touched on genetic lineage in yesterday's Aphria Jean Guy review, we'll hit the high points here. Jean Guy's

Today we're going to review some homemade bud. I've been calling it Blue Genes because it stems from two blue/purple coloured cultivars, and because I was really taken by 90's Versace fragrance as a teen. I used material from two

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