2 Bite Kush bomb Brownie

Hey, panakenap here.

Doing a couple edible reviews on products that don’t follow the current licensing standards. Check back to this one I did on a CBD gummy product. And this one of a beef jerky product.

These reviews go quick, and don’t contain much content, but I thought they’d be interesting to refer back to on the next run of gummy product reviews I’m working on.

2 Bite Kush Bomb Brownie


Looks weren’t great, or even good, but I still put it in my mouth. Doesn’t look like product depicted on package or in the listing. Actual product is covered in icing, which looks old and dry. 



Good taste. It’s dry, not moist

The cannabis tastes seem resinous, not very earthy, but you can taste something is different

6:21 PM

Second bite hit my tongue cake side first, tasted a bit more cannabis there.


Package said 100mg THC.

No CoA provided.


Price on this item was $20.

Doing the math, that’s $0.20 per milligram of THC; or about a quarter less than what I’m finding from the legal gummy reviews.


The brownie looked like it was prepared for viewing by an undertaker, complete with that frilly piece that lines the inside the casket. Feel was on par with that description (stiff/dry). I didn’t make any comments on the taste of the cake, which may tell you something. Or not, sometimes I’m just lazy.

One hundred milligrams of THC content is claimed on the package, and I have a ‘sure, why not?’ attitude about that.

Price per mg of THC was about a quarter of what I find from legal edibles. Price on the whole cake was $20, or about $10 for each of the Bites, as per the mandate on the package.

Thanks for reading!

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