Sour OG (Ruxton) by Broken Coast5 min read

Broken Coast’s Sour OG delivers decent visuals with stellar olfactory quality that fully captures the character of this cultivar.

By name, Sour OG can be attributed back to The Cali Connection, it’s a cross of their SFVOG (f4) and a specialized Sour Diesel cut they call Original Sour Diesel or Weasel’s Sour Diesel.

Generally, this should be an OG Kush crossed with a Sour Diesel and it’s not uncommon to have multiple cultivars that fit this same description. Unless you can attribute it to the breeder or a terpene profile, it’s best to approach with an open mind. So, I’m pretty sure this is Cali Connection’s, it certainly has similar features but, the name is general and, I’ve seen some unique stuff at Broken Coast before.

I’ve tried Broken’s Sour OG many times previous to this review. They call it Ruxton, I call it one of my all time favourites. Broken offers two phenotypes of this cultivar (#1 and #3), each expressing a unique flavour character. The recreational package I purchased doesn’t designate the phenotype but that’s ok; I like to guess.

Let’s check on a few things before we get into it. First thing, Broken Coast is one of the few producers to offer terpene content on their website, which is really valuable to consumers for multiple reasons. In terms of guessing which phenotype we review today, this information will be most important. I’ve graphed the data from Broken’s website below.

What we can take from the above is the #1 phenotype is high in caryophyllene and the #3 phenotype is high in myrcene. By the description Broken provides, #1 should be more peppery and #3 should be greener and more musky.

With that in mind, let’s get into this container.

I received a smaller collection of buds in my Sour OG package, the largest being about the size of a nickel. The buds look well done but still appear craft due to the looser trim and jagged shape.

Although somewhat dry, the buds are resinous and seemingly maintain rigidity when crushed. They will destruct with some pressure and friction but it does require some pressure and is notably sticky.

Grinds are just ok, you can check them in the video.

Scent of these buds scream with lemon fuels, nearing overwhelming. There’s little low end character, instead the profile seems to harmonize into a singular peak towards the high side of the spectrum. Interprets venomous with surgical precision, having all the friendliness of a recoiled pit viper.

With heat, the Sour OG flavours smooth out and cloy the palate with an earth note that demonstates some cohesion with the citrus aspects in the profile. There’s a fair amount of fuel present with the citrus but we see a bit more fluidity in the profile in the flavours, which rounds this out some of the intensity noted in the scents. It’s still sharp in high magnitude, cerebrally penetrating to a staggering degree, the expanse in tastes doesn’t necessarily make it any more friendly.

The pepper and woods Broken notes in their #1 Sour OG phenotype is noticeably absent, by my observations. I also thought I sensed more limonene in the profile, which is a shares a larger portion of the profile for the #3 phenotype. So for those reasons, I’d guess this is the #3 phenotype, but I don’t really know.

I took a look back to the relative terpene graph shown by the Alberta Cannabis website, it says Ruxton has nearly equal amounts of Caryophyllene and Myrcene. In retrospect, what I purchased could be a mix of the two phenotypes, or a totally different lot not shown on the Broken Coast website, who knows?

For those exploring the variety of legal cannabis, this is worth a single purchase, let’s not even bring the asking price into the discussion. This Sour OG is well done, putting it lightly. It gives you the opportunity to fully embrace the character these Californian genetics offer, it’s worth the asking price. Also, one component of this cross is the SFVOG, which some producers offer. So it presents an opportunity to explore and compare tastes ‘within the family’.

Bringing price into the mix, this Sour OG was $14.95 per single gram, that’s really expensive. Broken first listed this offering June of 2017 with an enticing 27.7% THC content, for $9.25 per gram. Now, it’s available for $12.58 per gram, 36% higher. I’m not knocking them, during this period of time patients were waitlisted for their products, Broken Coast was at capacity, it’s simple supply and demand. Now it’s available recreationally, after everyone gets their whack out, I can purchase it for $14.95 per gram in Alberta.

Let’s check how Ruxton pricing looks elsewhere.

I recommend Broken’s Sour OG, I think you can expect good quality here, but you’ll pay a premium over the current market average, and you’re also paying a premium over the historical market average. By my measure, the price of legal cannabis in Canada has never been higher, and $15 per gram is well over the high side of the average.

Grow Your Own. The Cali Connection’s Sour OG (more recently called 818 Headband) is available through many seed banks. The cultivar finishes within 75 days indoors, doesn’t say anything about outdoors but I think you could do this with no problems in Southern Ontario and BC. Albertan’s like me might want to use a pot, in case it needs to be transferred indoors late in the season. A yield range isn’t given but the breeder’s description notes it can produce colas with the volume of a 2 litre pop bottle. Regardless, it offers another avenue for those considering the price of repeat purchases at current retail levels.