Sensi Star by Acreage Pharms4 min read

Acreage Pharms surprises with a great offering of Paradise Seeds’ Sensi Star. With formidable structure and strong character, this flower is markedly better than the three Acreage Pharms products we previously reviewed.

So here we are, once again in the competitive Paradise Seeds market section. One source, fairly tight variation, lots of duplicate cultivars and ferocious competition. We’ve reviewed three of Acreage Pharms’ offerings previously, all were lacking in large failures seen elsewhere, like foreign growth or seeds, but made up for it with forgettable character and disappointing structure. We review the Acreage Pharms Sensi Star today, which is priced the same as the 7ACRES Sensi Star and thus, has a large possibility of competing like a bleeding lamb in shark infested waters. Let’s take a look.

As mentioned, we’ve reviewed Sensi Star previously, check back to see the photos, information on lineage and musings on price. The review was my first purchase at the $14 per gram price point, you can read that I have some sticker shock, a feeling that decreased when I became aquatinted with the value proposition 7ACRES offers, and experiencing the quality of some of its competitors.

Now we review Acreage Pharms’ Sensi Star, which is the same price as the 7ACRES competitor. First glance is positive. Surprisingly… Let me take a moment to gather myself. I’ve written introductions suggesting Acreage Pharms is one of the worst quality producers, they have been reliably poor… However, it looks like this will be my first positive Acreage Pharms review. Taking a deep breath, I’m going to press enter twice, and pinch myself once.

Structure for this Acreage Pharms’ Sensi Star bud is good, really good. Tight and spherical with formidable density. Somewhat brittle and crisp toward the edges but the buds have little to no give internally, I bet I could stand on it without changing the shape.

Continuing with bag appeal, there is not one single granule of shake to be had in this container. Two buds only. Perfectly rounded. Trimmed an acceptable amount with negligible stem and leaf. Barely an imperfection to mention here. Well done.

The scent on the Acreage Pharms (AP) Sensi Star is sweetened earths with somewhat funky midsection. Where the 7ACRES profile bridged the skunk tones to near metallic levels, this AP Sensi Star blows out the earth tones towards a skunky expanse. Both versions are nice, and although somewhat similar, both offer their own unique character.

Flavours of the AP Sensi Star continue the wealthy earths. Sweet notes mark the outskirts of the profile which then yield to sweetly hashed earths and a touch of skunky blare. After some use, the flavour twists the base earths to the higher strung skunks to make a pleasingly harmonious tone. Perhaps it may fade a bit quickly, but that’s just me looking for something to complain about it. In comparison to some of the latest reviews, this Sensi Star from Acreage Pharms gives a performance well above average.

Here’s the rub, there’s a lot of Sensi Star out there. I’d have to spend some time with them, doing the side by side taste test to tell you which one is marginally better. And even if I did, who cares? Sunset Sherbet exists. DNA just put out a Miss U.S.A, a Kosher Kush with a Strawberry Banana. CannaVenture released a bunch of limited Arcata Train wreck crosses. Sensi Star is a classic, but like a classic, you enjoy them infrequently, perhaps as a reminder of the traits that led to other, better cultivars you currently enjoy.

I’ve been disappointed by Acreage Pharms multiple times, this is not one of them. Acreage Pharms Sensi Star is $14 per single gram at the Alberta Cannabis store. Brand reliability aside, I still prefer the 7ACRES version at this price, If you didn’t check the review, the superior quality is observable in the pictures. Both are pretty expensive for something that reached its popularity so long ago. Sensi Star is prevalent here in Canada but saturation doesn’t beget popularity. Hard to be excited about choice in a constrained market.

Tomorrow, we’ll do a grow journal on a fabulous plant that leans indica in taxonomy but gives a brighter citrus taste, it’s Jordan of the Islands’ Citrus Skunk.