This is a summary of dried cannabis product I have purchased from directly from medical cannabis licensed producers.

Below, you’ll see high level information on the reviews included within this scope.

Next, we’ll look at the number of reviews completed according the the licensed producer of the product.

Now, we’ll look at spending. Below, we see the average price per gram of the products purchased over time.

Next, we look at spending by licensed producer. The amount of dried cannabis purchased from each gram is listed and colour denotes the average price of my purchases for each producer..

The smallest package size available direct from a licensed producer is usually 5 grams.

For some reviews, I recommend similar offerings. Here is the breakdown across my entire purchases from those I felt were recommendable or not.

I’ve ranked every offering reviewed against each other. Below, we’ll see offerings listed by rank. Recommendable offerings are marked in orange to the right of the table.

Next we’ll step back and see brands by the average rank of their offerings I’ve reviewed. Average purchase price per gram for the licensed producer is shown on the right side.

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