Medical Cannabis Review Summary4 min read

This is a summary of dried cannabis product I have purchased direct from the medical vendor. You’re reading the mobile version.


Below, you’ll see high level information on the dried cannabis product reviews included within this scope.

Review Counts

Next, we’ll look at the number of reviews completed according the the licensed producer of the product.

Next we’ll look at the number of reviews by package size. I tend to purchase the smallest package size possible for each cultivar.


Now, we’ll look at spending for these purchases. Below, we see the average price per gram of the products purchased over time. Recommended reviews are shown by a larger circle.

Next, we look at spending by licensed producer. The graph is similar to the one above, amounts of dried cannabis purchased from each producer is listed on the bar graph and colour shows the average purchase price per gram for each producer.


In some reviews, I recommend less expensive, similar, or better offerings. Here is the breakdown across my entire purchases of those I felt were recommendable or not.

The graph below shows recommendations by price span, broken down by licensed producer.

Let’s look at the recommendations broken down by producer. Click/tap each section to see more information about each review.

Ranked List

I’ve ranked every offering reviewed against each other. We’ll see those offerings listed by rank below. Recommendable offerings are marked to the right of the table. Tap/hover to see additional details for each line item. This table is linked to a larger ranking table, so not all numbers will be present.

Stepping back further, we’ll look at licensed producers by average rank of the reviews. Average purchase price per gram for the brand is shown on the right side.

Thanks for reading. This report will update automatically as I try new cultivars from this stores.