Daytime CBD by Zenabis (Namaste)4 min read

Zenabis’ Daytime CBD comes with respectable olfaction but fails to meet the expectations set by the high price point.

Oh hey, it’s your pancake in the daytime, so I’m doing the Daytime CBD by Zenabis.

Zenabis doesn’t disclose the genetics for this one, but they describe it as a sativa leaning cultivar which features fruity scents with sweet grace notes. The package I review here has 6.64% THC and 9.06% CBD.

Checking cultivars listed throughout the ACMPR history with similar cannabinoid ratios, Shark Shock appears a lot, so does Nebula CBD. There’s also a chance it could be a CBD Critical Mass, but I’m doubtful. This offering has below average cannabinoid content, when I restrict to those with similar content, it leaves CBD Critical Mass and Nebula. We’ll talk about it, but based off this exercise, my money is this is Paradise’s Nebula II CBD.

The flower is CBD dominant, in about a 1:1.5 ratio of THC to CBD. Packaging date was January 13 2019 and here we are, 97 days later, reviewing it.

Visuals are substandard, the buds are closer to bottom of the bag popcorn than they are to nice apical nodes. My single gram package came as 10 or so smaller buds. Otherwise buds are rather amorphous, but show standard density and fullness. Something priced $15 per gram shouldn’t look like this, just my opinion.

Moisture content feels surprisingly good. A slight press will compress the shape with audible crackling but I found it difficult to disintegrate with friction. Not stunning but more than functional; I anticipate this grinds favourably.

Here they are, I can find something to zoom into 3/4 times.

Scent of these flowers are fruity, and somewhat sweet, over a base of dusty musk with mild spices. I shouldn’t have done the guesswork first because the only thing I can smell is Nebula II CBD.

Flavours appear much more green when heat is applied. The vibrancy is overt, bringing a bright feel to the profile. The fruits are crisp, slightly candied but still acidic to the point of nearing stringency. Making the profile feel clean, fresh and with slight perfumes. I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you it is very likeable. We’ve seen this from Zenabis before; subpar visuals with notable olfaction, I worry most will miss it. Which I recommend you do (miss it), at these prices.

Price on this Zenabis product was $14.99 per single gram, really expensive, worth the trouble of using italics. For the offering itself, I can’t say there was much value. The flavours are enjoyable but there wasn’t anything groundbreaking done here, certainly not worthy of the price tag.

Anyways, let’s look into the crystal ball for Daytime CBD, see what’s doing.

Ooof. Alright, so we’re expensive everywhere, looks like, this isn’t going well. Best case scenario you could have 7 grams of this for $82, and you’d be in PEI which is lovely this time of year. In the Alberta online store, a 7 gram package is $98, gross. These prices are not good. Unless the quality is very high, you should not become accustom to paying this amount for cannabis.

Here, let me help you out, this is average price for a CBD dominant offering for the provincial web stores I track.

So all you have to do is look along the right side of both graphs and notice how high the price of CBD is in some places. We were just talking about how nice PEI is, well, you don’t need to pay $82 per 7 grams there, the average price is $54.88, and this Daytime CBD probably isn’t worth the extra $28. Looks like Quebec, Newfoundland, BC and big buyers in Nova Scotia get a break on CBD but elsewhere, the price is pretty high, over $10 per gram.

My best advice is mind the averages and select offerings below them. That advice may lead you to buying something poor quality at a low price but it will save you from buying something poor quality at a high price. And while I don’t regard Zenabis’ Daytime CBD as poor quality, $15 per gram is a high price.

So for those looking for CBD in the daytime, this Zenabis version is out there, sure. But I’d prompt you to look at cheaper alternatives under the $10 level, like Maricann’s Cali-O, available for $9 and a bit in Alberta. You could also consider Tantalus Labs on the medical side, they have multiple offerings in the 1:1 THC to CBD range around the $11.00 per gram level.

Anyways, there you go, Daytime CBD. Liked the flavour, I think you can get it way cheaper elsewhere. There’s potential here but overall, this was halfway there (Oh-oh, living on a prayer).