Complete Review Summary7 min read


This is a living summary of my entire review set, It will update periodically with information about new cultivars, their producers and brands.

Reviews are posted on weekdays. Information about each review is tracked in a spreadsheet linked to this summary. We explore detailed information about one specific cultivar within each review, here we will look at high level information across all the reviews at once.

No lines are drawn for this summary, it includes reviews of cannabis flower from multiple vendors in multiple market sections. This report is restricted by product type, whole flower and pre-rolls are included in the scope.

This is the mobile version of the summary. Here is a link to a tabbed version best viewed on a desktop.

Review Summary

Let’s first look at very high level summary information about these reviews.

Shown below, I’ve broken up the review count by the producer of the cannabis for each review.

Many producers use multiple brands for their cannabis products, here are the brands included in this review summary.

The reviews included in this summary are critical reviews of retail cannabis, all were procured from their respective vendor at the retail price. Spending for each brand is shown on the bar graph below, the number of grams purchased is written on each bar. The graph is colour coded according to average price per gram.

Looking at spending still, but here, the graph is adjusted to show spending by producer.

Next, we’ll look at the number of reviews by product category. I enjoy experiencing new cultivars with all 4 possible senses, so the majority of my reviews are for whole flower product, and not pre-rolls. I’ve coloured each product type according to average price per gram of that product type, hover/tap for that information.

Here we look at the total number of reviews by package size. When looking for variety, I tend to buy the smallest package size possible. From medical suppliers and vendors with comparatively lower prices, I buy larger sized packages. This graph is coloured by average price per package size, hover/tap for more information.

Below, we look at purchase price over time. Data points are colour coded according to their price and offerings I would recommend are shown larger.

In some reviews, I’ll recommend the product I am reviewing. Here is a breakdown of the total number of reviews according to whether I felt it was recommendable or not.

We can look at the number of recommendations broken down by producer. Tap/hover to see more information on each offering in the graph below.

Now let’s look at the same graph showing recommendations, but with respect to price.

Some of the cannabis I review is compromised by seeds to some extent. Below, we look at the total number of reviews in this summary that were affected by seeds.

And we can also break down the number of compromised reviews by producer. Hover/tap to see more information in the graph below.

I keep a ranked list of the cultivars I try, I’ve shown the list grouped by increments of 10 below. Recommendation is shown on the right. Hover/tap each line item for more information.

We can average the ranks according to producer. The graph below is arranged by average rank and also shows average price per gram for each producer. I’ve restricted this graph by reviews count, if I’ve completed less than 3 review for a producer, they will not show up on this graph.

Let’s also look at rank by all the brands included. Same thing here, brands are arranged by average rank and price per gram is shown on the bar graph. This one is also restricted by review count, only brands with 3 or more reviews are shown.