Cannabis Product Types2 min read

Today we’re going to drill down through about 450k cannabis product listings placed May 6 2019. If you’re interested in quantifying types of cannabis products by location, well, I’m your Oregon Huckleberry.

I ripped this data from a large listing aggregator, so we’re not looking at the whole market, only stores posting listings on the site.

First, we focus wide, looking nationally. About a quarter of the listings are in Canada, the rest come from the US. Hover/tap the country to see the product type breakdown. Two high level messages to note here. The most commonly listed products are dried cannabis, concentrates and edibles. And, dried flower is the most common listing in Canada; in the US, it’s concentrates.

Now we’re looking by State and Province. Those with the darkest colouring have the most listings. In the US, the West coast is heavy with Oregon and California, but don’t miss Michigan and Maryland. In Canada, Ontario has nearly double the listings that BC has. Check the store counts in both provinces, there’s your delivery services and mail order vendors.

We’re looking at listing counts by city now, there’s a lot to take in here. Search/Pan/Zoom controls are to the left, I’ll leave you to it! Let me know if you need any help.