Value Report, Dried Cannabis4 min read

This report looks at dried cannabis listings one deviation below the average price in the Alberta Cannabis Online Store.

If you order there, this will help you find dried cannabis flower that is priced comparatively lower. Prices in private stores in Alberta will vary, but you could use this as a guideline.

This report was written April 16 2019. The graphics will update periodically and I’ll update the analysis as the market dictates.

Before we get into the actual listings, let’s check the basic figures on the market. Use these figures to orient the listing you’re considering, especially if you are seeking value.

Now, let’s look at all the listings together according to their prices. We’re going to section out the listings below one standard deviation from the average price per gram, which is denoted by the grey box.

There are 29 listings available in various package sizes under a standard deviation from average price per gram. I’ve shown them grouped by product type and producer below.

Now we’ll go through 5 observations I have on this market section and I’ll provide links to my reviews where available.

If looking for quality, consider Maricann and MedReleaf.

By my measure, the product quality is much better with Medreleaf or Maricann, they’re worth the small premium.

I found respectable quality with the Maricann Blue Haze and Cali-O. For single grams, there’s nothing better on the list than Maricann.

MedReleaf has a quality product and they’re priced pretty attractively, especially in their San Rafael ’71 brand. I’ve reviewed the Delahaze, Pink Kush and Tangerine Dream, all are recommendable. I’m in the process of reviewing their Purple Chitral and I’m favourable on it so far. By the 3.5 gram package, the potential savings for stepping down from MedReleaf to Aphria is only $1.47, I’d recommend spending the extra money.

Use Aurora as a good backup

Aurora’s MK Ultra offers decent quality as well. I’d group this listing in with the MedReleaf price points but I don’t think I saw comparable quality. However, it is an attractive product on this list, the name is legendary and it has some good flavours. If I was searching for quality but MedReleaf and Maricann were unavailable, MK Ultra is a suitable alternative.

If looking for value, consider Canopy’s Plain Packaging

Doubling up on the 3.5g Plain Packaging will yield better value (and quality) than the Emblem and Organigram offerings in 7 gram packages. You’ll save about $5 moving to the Plain Packaging and I think you’ll get a more enjoyable product. I’ve reviewed the Plain Packaging Sativa previously, it was nothing fancy but adequate.

Emblem has attractive genetics, but their products had some of the worst visuals I’ve ever seen, I wouldn’t recommend them. Organigram has their Casa Blanca available within this window, skip the poor quality, the only decision to make is to saving $5 by buying Canopy’s product or saving $1 buying MedReleaf.

Don’t buy the blends

Unless you need to. Some with physical barriers may find value here and, if so, the APL Blend by Acreage Pharms has the cheapest price at only 3.5 grams. The Organigram Trailblazer product is priced over a dollar more per gram on the same package size and stepping up to a larger size doesn’t yield an attractive discount over the competing whole flower products priced only $0.50 more (per gram).

Beware of Aphria

I didn’t recommend Aprhia. Their offerings are priced fairly attractively, and their genetics are alright, but product quality is so reliably lacklustre I think it’s worth the small premium to move to something else. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not to worst place to be, but if you have a choice, I’d exercise it.

You might look twice at Aprhia’s Jean Guy, I had an acceptable olfactory experience there but not enough to regard the offering as worthwhile. I also liked their Nordle (Balance) but I’d recommend spending the extra $3 for a 3.5 gram package of Maricann’s Cali-O, if you have the choice. Both are similar in cannabinoid content but I’d tell you Cali-O was better quality.

I’ll leave you with a look of the graph that shows the price difference for all the offerings included here. Ultimately, the consumer has to make the choice, but I hope this information allows for an omniscient point of view on this section of the market.