I like a good boss fight.

It’s the feeling you get after crushing zombie after zombie, bordering on monotony, and the super zombie blows through the wall with such over-zealous nature, demanding attention.

That’s kinda how I felt when I first tasted the Night Terror OG from Rare Dankness. It busts through your definition of blueberry in a way that makes you reconsider your definition of blueberries. It’s blueberries, but so cutting, and just whacked out backwards.

F1 Progeny week one of flower

I didn’t really know Jordan of the Islands before the ACMPR, I’d never had a God Bud before. My first experience with a derivative was from Broken Coast, the God Kush, a well done rendition.

Now that I’ve grown a true God Bud, I realize what a fantastic plant it is, both from a taxonomical and an olfactory perspective. It’s hulky like a warthog. Tight internodal spacing. Reasonably quick flower.

F1 Progeny week 4

The profile is stellar, and poignant. And what is done well can become overdone. I feel like God Bud is something to be appreciated, even marvelled. But through my research, I have not found that the popularity of God Bud has surpassed the popularity of the offspring it created. Such tragedy that it goes under appreciated. Yet, here I am, no God Bud review, this is a grow journal on a God cross.

Well, to align with proper nomenclature, it’s a Night Terror OG cross, to the God Bud (2.0).

Six pack, week two

The way I interpret a proper God cross, like God’s Green Crack or God’s Unicorn Piss, is that the male parent is God and the female is whatever God has. So Jordan has a breeding male, God, that is used for crossing to the variable female. God gets around, and consequentially, many varieties bear his namesake. 

F1 Progeny Week Four

In this one, the God Bud is the female, the Night Terror OG is the male, so not a true God cross. I’ve used these varieties because I like them both and feel they would go well together. Which I hope is polite and respectful. Perhaps analogous to biting the drums off the beat without taking the whole song.

This is how you know that I want you to know I am so meta.

But either way damage done, that baby is made. And made its own babies, that are about to make their own babies, with their grandpa! I know what you’re thinking, how could God allow such a thing?

Aquaponic F1 Progeny moved to flowering tent (far left)

But that’s a story for another time, but you can believe me, when I tell it, you will be well satisfied with the amount of plant incest taking place, don’t worry. Here, I’ll track a couple Night Terror OG, God Bud 2.0 F1 progeny. All are growing hydroponically right now, two deep water culture and one, grown aquaponically by a family of 4 chichlids in the window of my home office.

Home office growers: clockwise from upper left, Cow Girl (Mom), Yellow Fin Tuna (Dad), Brave Orange Guy and Shy Cow Gal (children)

Right now they’re all about 4 weeks and smell like that purple marker from your Grade 2 class or that Dane Cook CD, depending on your age. They are all tall, one has really tight internode space. The leaf width of the God Bud 2.0 is large and none of the 3 exhibit this trait. None of them are keepers, I’m just interested to see where they go.

F1 Progeny Week 4

In the broader spectrum of this cube step, all of these do not matter. I’ve already selected a breeding male of this F1 class for the next cross. I want something OG leaning here, a bit brighter, piercing OG bore, on the purple spectrum, within a sea of midnight blues and God Bud structure. That’s what I’m going for (and I hope to God I get it). 

K, I’m out for now I think, be back Halloween-ish to let you know how it went.

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