September 22 2018

There is a lot of fruit out there now. Does anyone even like cookies anymore? Seems like the sun has set on the popularity of nondescript cookies, well, in most forums anyways.

Ice Cream is coming back like this is Staten Island ’95, everybody’s dancing the box step from Cherries to OGs and back to the Cookies.

And I’m with that action, but I got my own moves. Realistically, I lack the space to find the french vanilla butter pecan chocolate deluxe, but I’m down to take a shot anyways.

This isn’t a review, it’s a journal of my hobby genetics. I’ll tell you which parents I selected, why I chose them and what I hope to get out of them. 

Dana Larson’s 2017 Overgrow Campaign package came with a coupon for a place called something like Demon Seeds or Devil Seeds, I can’t remember which. Anyways, Dexxx Seeds changed to East Coast Seeds shortly after, but their offerings remained the same. You’ll have to take my word for it, both sites are down.

Their flagship variety was called Freddy Beach, which was a three way cross of Cotton Candy, Shishkeberry and C4. I found it to be very special, but we’re not there yet. Let’s talk about the lineage.

Freddy Beach

The Cotton Candy is a Federation Seed Company variety, said to be a quick flowering (>60 days) Haze / Afghani cross.

Shishkaberry is a Spice of Life variety. I believe it is a Blueberry and an Afghani but I can’t find a confirmation.

The C4 is a Chimera variety, and it is a cross of the above two varieties, said to flower in 50 days.

The Freddy Beach turned out to be an impressive little indica. Fast flowering, above average yield in a fairly friendly structure. The flavour profile was the best part, dancing sweets to tarted berry above a smooth earthy backer. I found it delightfully anxiolytic. Wonderful, wonderful plant.

Freddy Beach

The Freddy Beach was a keeper. Eventually, it will be the grandmother of this cross. 

TGA Subcool released a Girl Scout Cookie, Space Queen cross as nameless testing variety a few years ago. I found a really tall phenotype within the group that grew beyond the rest and was so stinky. To my surprise, it turned out to be male, so I used it as the grandpa.

Freddy Beach (left) and Space Queen x Girl Scout Cookie male (right)

This is where a breeder will plant large amounts of seeds and start to select from the group, looking for outliers with exceptional traits. I don’t have that luxury, I run handfuls of seeds at a time, looking for winners in the batch. A breeder can do a large amount of work and move great distances with each round of selection, I move a small amount of ground each time, or none at all. It’s a slow process and I make most of my selections based on leaf and spacing observations, over all structure and then, taste (usually in that order).

The timing was right to cross the male to the female Freddy Beach and a short time later, it produced seeds. 

So I’ve grown this cross out using this methodology for about a year and a half now and found a phenotype that has some of the Cotten Candy’s icy top notes, layered into the cherry/berry tastes from the Space Queen/Shishkeberry and then into cookie earths, with a biting side of burning tire.

Freddy Beach, Space Queen x GSC cross

And now we bring in Humboldt’s Chemdawg. I was also thinking of using a OG here or maybe even a Sour OG / Headband at this point, but I want some strong lemon pines, and I could do without the kush earths. Instead, I’ll look to select for the cooler earths from the Freddy Beach. 

I haven’t worked with the Chemdawg before but I found what looked to be a decent male from a pack of regulars and crossed it to the Freddy Beach, Space Queen x GSC cross — creating the F1 generation that I will work inside.

From here, I’ll use the same methodology of selection to create a F2 generation, cubing the winning progeny back to the parental Freddy Beach, Space Queen x GSC cross. I probably won’t involve the Chemdawg male in further generations, so I can balance the taste profile towards the cherried earths.