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Diesel (Tailgate) by CannTrust (Xscape)

Diesel (Tailgate) by CannTrust (Xscape)

As an Albertan, this marketing hits me in the inner rig pig. It brings on imagery of Red Deer’s Gasoline Alley, or rolling coal on some road bikes in a turbo diesel. ATVs. Truck nuts. Twelve days on, four days off. Belt firing SKS rifles […]

Critical Kush (City Lights) by Organigram (Edison)

Critical Kush (City Lights) by Organigram (Edison)

I’m fresh off writing the review for CannTrust’s Gold Kush. You should read it before reading this one, it is a respectable ‘kush’. After that, move into this Critical Kush review, it is going to be brutal, but I hope you find it rigourous. Here […]

Grand Daddy Purp (Subway Scientist) by Aphria (Riff)

Grand Daddy Purp (Subway Scientist) by Aphria (Riff)

We’ve got a gram of Subway Scientist in a Volcano, let’s talk about it.

I over-romanticize cannabis genetics, and I’m going to continue doing so. Value aside, preferred or hated, box branded or ziplock craft, I hope to do justice to each variety I see, with respect to the people that created it and grew it.

I purchased about $100 worth of single grams and pre-rolls from the Alberta Store, making my way through them now and writing reviews. My largest purchase was a 2 gram pre-roll pack of Subway Scientist by Riff or Grand Daddy Purp by Aphria. To fully review this purchase, let’s first talk about the Royal Indica, multi-cup winner, Grand Daddy Purple.

One of the Riff pre-roll containers

GrandDaddy Purple is Ken Estes’ baby, he bred it over decades and evolved a breeding house under its name. Let’s be clear here, I am making the assumption that Aphria’s Grand Daddy Purp, is the GrandDaddy Purple– I don’t feel like I’m out on a limb, there are several different spellings and conjunctions I’ve seen used. Anyways, GrandDaddy Purple is famous, really. Why, you say? I’d bet on two reasons: bag appeal and cash cropping, that’s probably in increasing order of magnitude.

I cannot find a clear genetic lineage here but the legendary US variety, Mendo Purp, is definitely involved. Leafly lists the other counterpart as a Big Bud (the US variety that gave way to the Critical lineage) while Seedfinder lists the parent as a Skunk, Afghani cross but doesn’t name the Big Bud. In both cases, I believe the GDP you can buy now is the backcrossed version.

Riff box

And like I said, it is famous. Not just in the US, all over. Let’s be honest, it sells itself, it hits both producers and consumers at the same time. Do your research, this is known both as a cash crop variety, and an incredible indica variety. From the reading I did on it, not only does it produce volume, it produces density. And, horse and carriage, people seem to love its taste and colour.

So let’s move into Aphria’s version, I busted out the pre-rolls and put the contents in a Volcano, we’ll talk about why later. Forward notes in the profile are sweet berries that stop well before dankness, which allows the spice and earth to follow through, there is definitely some Afghani here. It interprets on the top end but the sweet berries are soothing, I can see why this casts a wide net, satisfying indica lovers and converting sativa lovers.  It’s another variety I would recommend to my Grandma.

Riff box and two pre-rolls

I didn’t find my pre-rolls burned well. I opened the container on day 1 and tried to smoke it later that night, without success. I ended up throwing it out. Left the container open and tried the next one 36 hours later. I also rolled some Bubba Kush that I’ve kept in a mason jar for over 40 days. This was homegrown cannabis, deep water culture hydroponic using decanted aquaponic water, 3 day flush with tap water <125ppm, changed daily until the ppm remained below 125ppm. Ten day dry, stepping down from 55-45% is my usual.

The products didn’t work for me, big deal Lucille, it happens. I’ll still comment on it, hopefully providing something usable to all concerned. The pre-rolls come packaged 2x 0.5g pre-rolls. Plastic shrink wrap seals the top and they were virtually scentless. They’re side squeeze models which pops the top. The pre-rolls have about an inch filter on them and are rolled with unbleached papers.

My homegrown cannabis (left) and Subway Scientist Pre-Roll (right)

They give you the potential mg on the bottle, this is the first time in my life I knew the approx medicinal content of a pre-roll. Maybe I knew before, but I had to do the math myself.

They burned really hot and black, drowning out any taste, a struggle to light and keep lit. After a few pulls the cylinder structure had compacted in on itself, shrinking it in size.

When I dismantled the pre-rolls, the cannabis inside was near powdered consistency and dry. Which leaves me wondering, was it rolled too tight? I have none left so I cannot re-roll it, but I suppose someone should. Seemed dry enough to me, was probably too dry for the vaporizer honestly. I can’t be sure and I don’t really want to speculate, all I can tell you is the product didn’t work for me the way it was designed. That’s probably where I’ll stop, I haven’t really looked to see if other people had this problem, I didn’t contact the seller or the producer about it. This purchase has made me more likely not to buy a pre-roll in the future, I’d still probably consider something from Aphria, if they had something enticing. 

I bought some doob tubes online. They seal totally, without any smell whatsoever. However, I stopped using them after a while because I found that anything I put in there started to taste bad and burned a bit rough. I’ve gravitated to the tubes I bought from Tantalus Labs, which are not scent proof (they maybe even amplify the scent of cannabis in your pocket) but are highly functional.

Various doob tubes

Alright, we talked about the greatness of GrandDaddy Purple, we reviewed the flavour profile of Aphria’s version, I found the pre-rolls didn’t work out and I used the vaporizer as a contingency. We muddled around about the pre-rolls, decided we’d leave it to someone else to figure out the issue and reacted by reconsidering pre-roll purchases for a while. I trailed off about some (likely irrelevant) doob tube information and now we’re here, at this abrupt end. Thanks for reading.

Gold Kush (Kinky Kush) by CannTrust (LIIV)

Gold Kush (Kinky Kush) by CannTrust (LIIV)

This Kinky Kush is CannTrust’s Gold Kush. Topics we discuss here are: We note Gold Kush’s terpene content and give with a very loose comparison with my rough view of what the range is (I did not check the actual figures). We also touch on […]

Quantum Kush (Super Sonic) by Emblem (Symbl)

Quantum Kush (Super Sonic) by Emblem (Symbl)

Ziggy can you hear me? I am about to review the Quantum Kush. Pardon me, got that out of my system. I’m just a poser though, never watched the show, all my Q.Leap knowledge comes from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Speaking of posers, Quantum […]

Tangerine Dream by San Rafael ’71

Tangerine Dream by San Rafael ’71

Today we’re talking Tangerine Dream by San Rafael ’71 (MedReleaf). Here are the high points we are going to hit:

I don’t think this is Tangerine Dream. I think this is actually the Blood Orange pheno Tangie from Crockett, not Tangerine Dream from that other breeder. This is a good thing.

The quality is well above average.

It combusts properly.

San Raf Tangerine Dream, October 23 2018

So MedReleaf has had their Rex out for a while, supposedly, it’s the Tangie by Reserva Privada/DNA. I was lucky to be able to trade for some and got to try it a while ago. For quality and taste, it blew me away. Priced at $17.50 a gram, I knew I would never pay that much for it, but it was something to try.

The tangie has a reputation of winning every cannabis cup it has ever been entered into. It tastes really unique, and although its not along my favourite profile, you can appreciate that it does what it does really well. However, this review isn’t about the tangie’s profile.

Tangie (Rex), from MedReleaf looking very similar to Tangerine Dream by San Raf (photo taken Aug 31 2017)

Tangie comes from Crockett Family Farms. Not sure how it became a DNA variety, I suspect it was a similar vector to how the Jew Gold became DNAs (they paid for it). If you search the seed banks, Crockett has a Blood Orange Tangie. The colouring of the San Raf ‘Tangerine Dream’ is more similar to the Blood Orange and unlike any real Tangerine Dream I’ve experienced. Now this isn’t pivotal logic, but an observation I feel pretty strong about.

CannaFarm’s Tangerine Dream, October 30 2017

Some readers may be thinking about epigenetic regulation, production variance and a whole slew of explanations. My guess could be wrong, only MedReleaf knows for sure but take the taste test for yourself. Canna Farms has a Tangerine Dream, they note the breeder, yes it’s the one you’re probably thinking about. Whistler also has a Tangerine Dream, probably by the same breeder. I’ve had both. MedReleaf’s Tangerine Dream tastes unlike either the CannaFarms or Whistler products. I’d bet you feel the same, given the same circumstances. If you had MedReleaf’s Rex in the medical markets and now this San Raf ‘Tangerine Dream’, the similarities are undeniable. 

Hilariously bad Venn Diagram of how I think Tangerine Dream taste profiles overlap across 3 producers.

Price, the point I’m most excited about it. If I am correct, the $17.50 per gram Rex (Tangie) is now available for $9 and change under the name Tangerine Dream, almost a 50% discount. If I am not correct, it’s still a pretty good deal.

Whistler’s Tangerine Dream, Oct 26 2018, bred by Barney’s, thanks for letting me know @JimBoblif

With the above points aside, this San Raf ‘Tangerine Dream’ is excellent cannabis. It checks all the boxes. For smoking, I’m looking for reliability and performance. It has to work, every time, without fail. If it combusts poorly, I throw it out. Extra points if the taste/character comes through, but it has to work. This TD from San Raf absolutely meets and surpasses the minimum standard that so many producers cannot.

Check my last THCBioMed review, I talk price points, perception of quality and use MedReleaf’s $17.50 Rex as a marker for the high end of the market, both for price and quality. I muse about quality at the $6 price point and suggest that price and quality are not correlated as price increases toward that $17.50 per gram marker. Now, I suspect this San Raf ‘Tangerine Dream’ offers upper echelon quality of Rex, at median (or below) prices.

Just my read on it, thought you might want to know.

Thanks for reading, if you’re interested in continuing on, I’ve just reviewed Pink Kush by San Rafael ’71.

Lazy macro of San Raf Tangerine Dream. It’s just a crop.
Press Trial – THC BioMed

Press Trial – THC BioMed

I just reviewed three varieties by THC Bio Med, they were all $6 per gram.  I’ll keep only one around in flower form, the Landrace Indica. The two others, won’t work for me, they aren’t functional the way I’d like them to be and I […]

THC BioMed Reviews

THC BioMed Reviews

A while back, I read a summary of THC BioMed financials on r/thecannalysts that said if they didn’t get a cash injection soon, they wouldn’t be able to keep the lights on. I reacted to this positively, thinking that they were underdogs with the least […]



I like a good boss fight.

It’s the feeling you get after crushing zombie after zombie, bordering on monotony, and the super zombie blows through the wall with such over-zealous nature, demanding attention.

That’s kinda how I felt when I first tasted the Night Terror OG from Rare Dankness. It busts through your definition of blueberry in a way that makes you reconsider your definition of blueberries. It’s blueberries, but so cutting, and just whacked out backwards.

F1 Progeny week one of flower

I didn’t really know Jordan of the Islands before the ACMPR, I’d never had a God Bud before. My first experience with a derivative was from Broken Coast, the God Kush, a well done rendition.

Now that I’ve grown a true God Bud, I realize what a fantastic plant it is, both from a taxonomical and an olfactory perspective. It’s hulky like a warthog. Tight internodal spacing. Reasonably quick flower.

F1 Progeny week 4

The profile is stellar, and poignant. And what is done well can become overdone. I feel like God Bud is something to be appreciated, even marvelled. But through my research, I have not found that the popularity of God Bud has surpassed the popularity of the offspring it created. Such tragedy that it goes under appreciated. Yet, here I am, no God Bud review, this is a grow journal on a God cross.

Well, to align with proper nomenclature, it’s a Night Terror OG cross, to the God Bud (2.0).

Six pack, week two

The way I interpret a proper God cross, like God’s Green Crack or God’s Unicorn Piss, is that the male parent is God and the female is whatever God has. So Jordan has a breeding male, God, that is used for crossing to the variable female. God gets around, and consequentially, many varieties bear his namesake. 

F1 Progeny Week Four

In this one, the God Bud is the female, the Night Terror OG is the male, so not a true God cross. I’ve used these varieties because I like them both and feel they would go well together. Which I hope is polite and respectful. Perhaps analogous to biting the drums off the beat without taking the whole song.

This is how you know that I want you to know I am so meta.

But either way damage done, that baby is made. And made its own babies, that are about to make their own babies, with their grandpa! I know what you’re thinking, how could God allow such a thing?

Aquaponic F1 Progeny moved to flowering tent (far left)

But that’s a story for another time, but you can believe me, when I tell it, you will be well satisfied with the amount of plant incest taking place, don’t worry. Here, I’ll track a couple Night Terror OG, God Bud 2.0 F1 progeny. All are growing hydroponically right now, two deep water culture and one, grown aquaponically by a family of 4 chichlids in the window of my home office.

Home office growers: clockwise from upper left, Cow Girl (Mom), Yellow Fin Tuna (Dad), Brave Orange Guy and Shy Cow Gal (children)

Right now they’re all about 4 weeks and smell like that purple marker from your Grade 2 class or that Dane Cook CD, depending on your age. They are all tall, one has really tight internode space. The leaf width of the God Bud 2.0 is large and none of the 3 exhibit this trait. None of them are keepers, I’m just interested to see where they go.

F1 Progeny Week 4

In the broader spectrum of this cube step, all of these do not matter. I’ve already selected a breeding male of this F1 class for the next cross. I want something OG leaning here, a bit brighter, piercing OG bore, on the purple spectrum, within a sea of midnight blues and God Bud structure. That’s what I’m going for (and I hope to God I get it). 

K, I’m out for now I think, be back Halloween-ish to let you know how it went.

Moonshine Haze by Rare Dankness

Moonshine Haze by Rare Dankness

All right, we are waiting around today. So let’s write a cannabis review. Just looking for something good on the desk…. Let’s do the Moonshine Haze, by Rare Dankness. [pkn edits title] Let’s make a quick outline, here it is: Genetics, Grow Journal, Flavour Review, […]