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Cannatonic by Tantalus Labs

Cannatonic by Tantalus Labs

And now we arrive at the final Tantalus Labs cannabis review. We’re doing the Cannatonic today. The CBD Queen mother, the one that started the movement, many CBD varieties bare its tastes, some have built breeding houses around its phenotypes. The Cannatonic has already achieved […]

Cascade by Tantalus Labs

Cascade by Tantalus Labs

In our 5th review of Tantalus Labs cannabis we are choosing Cascade, a cultivar Tantalus notes is exclusive to them. This is a CBD dominant variety that makes under 1% THC and ~14% CBD in an unusual flavour profile (for a CBD variety). Let’s talk […]

Skunk Haze by Tantalus Labs

Skunk Haze by Tantalus Labs

I think this Skunk Haze is the darling of the Tantalus range. The flavour profile is bright and spicy. The buds are chunky. Most importantly, its ~1:1 cannabinoid profile makes it versatile. We’ll talk about all the details below.

This is the 4th review of cannabis from Tantalus Labs, look back to the Harlequin review for thoughts on brand/menu.

Time check; 5:56am, Saturday morning, best work day of the week.

Two notable breeders offer Skunk Haze in this chemotype, CBD Crew and Dutch Passion. Both are Cannatonic, Super Haze crosses. Two Licensed Producers carry the Skunk Haze CBD, CannaFarms is said to use the Dutch Passion variety and I am not sure where the Tantalus variety is sourced from.

The two LP offerings differ in price by ~$2.75 per gram, with the Tantalus variety being more expensive.

The Skunk Haze profile lacks some of the telltale flavours of the varieties it was named after, but some of their best secondary notes have frontage. As I said above, it’s very bright. The base notes are actually comprised of sweet citrus, much like a pear, it interprets flat and bridges the bottom of the profile to a mix of upward spices and peppers. It reduces with use but maintains character with good longevity.

Bag appeal is above average, rivalling the Serratus we just reviewed. One of the buds I received in this container was a 2 gram top. A few smaller buds were present but the majority of what I received looked primo.

And if I had to choose just one of the range, this would be the one. The upward leaning flavour profile with the 2:1 CBD to THC cannabinoid content makes Skunk Haze useful in so many different situations throughout the day and night. Accessible as it is likeable, truly a fast favourite.

Next up, we’ll move to Tantalus’ CBD cultivar, Cascade.

Skunk Haze, 2 gram bud
Serratus by Tantalus Labs

Serratus by Tantalus Labs

Serratus. This one is my favourite, so this won’t be a review, more of a love letter. Let’s do a quick time check, we’re at 5:28pm on a cold fall night. I know little about the lineage for the Serratus. Much of what I can […]

Blue Dream by Tantalus Labs

Blue Dream by Tantalus Labs

This is the 2nd review within the Tantalus range. Refer back to the Harlequin review for observations on branding, price and the range. Let’s just get right into it. We’re reviewing Tantalus’ Blue Dream today, time of writing about 4:30pm. It’s nearing the end of […]

Harlequin by Tantalus Labs

Harlequin by Tantalus Labs

This will be the first of six reviews of cannabis from Tantalus Labs, we’re going to go through the entire range. I’ll do a review for each, and I’ll try to do them sequentially. Leaving the Cannatonic for last, so I can compare it with the JWC Cannatonic I have.

In this first review, I’ll talk about brand and menu composition. And we’ll refer back here in the next five reviews. Let’s get to it.

The branding is surgical. Triple matte black everything with silver highlights, from the website to the individual boxes. It is streamlined, I knew what my postal person was holding when I opened the door, despite the box having no visible identifying marks. The whole thing seems to work really well, it’s attractive, meaning I find myself liking it more as time goes on. But let’s not kid ourselves here, the fascia, although beautiful, are really just future recycling products that I will ultimately throw away. Aside from that, the product I ordered came in a glass jar, which I will keep. They are beautiful, yes, but they have that Tantalus triple matte coating which keeps the sunlight out, preventing degradation. So, due to their functionality, they will become my new desktop jar set.

Harlequin, 5 grams

The Tantalus menu is sophisticated, ahead of its time. Two thirds of it are 1:1 or CBD chemotypes, in various taxonomies. The other third are THC dominant varieties, leaning to the energetic side, with very different profiles, but I’d still call them hybrids. Very few producers have this menu composition. The branding makes them all feel as a cohesive unit, but this collection of cultivars offers a great repertoire across a distribution chemotypes and terpene profiles. It feels like less of a menu and more of a tool kit. To me, this is what cannabis is supposed to be like, especially for daily consumers; a variety of chemotypes, with many mid or non-psychoactive choices in a range of tastes. The menu is bigger than the sum of its parts, I hope they put out a preroll or 1g variety pack.

We’ll talk about price quickly. Tantalus has a 5 pack of 5g containers in their store, $10.85 per gram across the board. There was a substitution in the 5 pack in between the purchase and shipping date, so Tantalus emailed me with a coupon code in case I wanted what was subbed out. So $10.85/gram but 5 gram came free to me due to the substitution. Paid shipping twice, but I don’t usually talk about shipping anyways. The price is a touch above average price (~10%) and a poke above the average for sun-grown LP cannabis, last time I checked.

Let’s move into the actual variety here. I’m writing this post meridiem, a time where I tend to start layering in more CBD, so it makes sense to review the Harlequin.

Bottom of a Harlequin bud, showing trichomes and some leaf

Harlequin is a mix of landrace varieties. The genealogy is Columbian Gold  mixed with Thai, Swiss and Nepalese varieties. It reliably makes more CBD than THC and has lead to many interesting CBD producing hybrids. Many breeders carry a version, not sure which one Tantalus uses or if they even have a breeders version. So I won’t speculate.

The Tantalus Harlequin is dynamic where it smells of musk primarily, withs some smoother earths. The taste, however, has rich caramel sweets that take much of the profile, with the musk and earths participating towards the background. A Gourmand fragrance uses many full sweet notes like honey or vanilla, that’s what the Harlequin feels like to me. The taste is rich, and it tends to prevail through some of the offspring the Harlequin has created.

Pronunciation quite good, I felt like the taste lasts a while in the vaporizer, changing slightly from sweets to earths as length of use increases.

Visual appeal is good. Buds are spherical in shape, less conical. Consistency is closer to spongy than firm. Trim is good, some leaf, doesn’t show the telltale signs of being machined but I can’t tell to any certain degree.

Good moisture content, I perceive it as higher than what I usually see from other LPs. I’ve smoked it a few times, with ash ranging from good to near perfect. Taste is maintained somewhat while smoking, still enjoyable.


The notes I found on this variety say it reliably makes 5:2 CBD to THC, this version from Tantalus Labs is closer to 2:1 CBD to THC. No terpene information was given so I won’t speculate there either.

Overall, it’s both enjoyable and useful, I’m really favourable on it. You can’t get the Harlequin from any other legal producer right now (as far as I know). I strictly enjoy it after dinner, both for the satisfyingly sweet terpene profile and for the cannabinoid profile.

I typically ramp up CBD towards the end of the night, which I find helps me stay asleep at 4-6 am, when I would otherwise be awake, restless and worried. I have better success using a combination of THC and CBD for sleeplessness, I’ve noticed the inclusion of CBD returns my dream state in the early mornings, which helps me stay asleep. Previously, using just THC, I had no problem going to sleep but I would not dream and still wake early, worried, not necessarily about something actual.

So there we go, we talked about my thoughts on the observable qualities of Harlequin. We talked genealogy. And we talked about how I use the Harlequin and how it helps me. For those using strictly THC, I hope it gives reason to consider a 1:1 from time to time, because there is real value in the composition, you might find it helping in ways you didn’t expect.

See you next time, I have 5 more Tantalus varieties to review, then I’ll jump over to the two other JWCs I have. One more Aurora in the middle, then we’ll be back to several journals of varieties I grew late summer.

Chemdawg by James E Wagner Cultivation

Chemdawg by James E Wagner Cultivation

Today we’re reviewing some aeroponic cannabis. And I think this will be my first experience with cannabis grown using this methodology. If you’re not familiar, aeroponic growing exposes the roots to the air, within a container in which nutrient solution is cycled through an atomizer […]

Sour Tangie (Haiduk) by Aurora

Sour Tangie (Haiduk) by Aurora

Wow. I am favourable on this Sour Tangie. From first impression, to character, to functionality, it impresses on all levels. Let’s walk through it, it’s going to be all positive. I haven’t ordered from Aurora for a while, a year actually, my last order was […]

Blueberry Kush by CannTrust (SYNR.G)

Blueberry Kush by CannTrust (SYNR.G)

This review is the last of my Alberta Cannabis purchases. If you weren’t following my past reviews, this is the 3rd CannTrust variety we’ve tried and its gone really well so far.

Blueberry is a very common variety with a sweet earthy taste. Also popular, Kush, a word that should really imply a regional connection but is probably just a buzz word now.

Now we’ve mentioned two general variety names and, in case you didn’t read the title, we’re going to mash them together for this review: Blueberry Kush, hype squared.

Blueberry Kush

I’m not even going to try to guess where this comes from. Blue-Kush types have been popular and come in various flavours, from various breeders. Most are OG Kush crosses with some sort of Blueberry (or derivative). Judging by taste alone, I would imagine that is what this CannTrust variety is, there are slight fuels and pines in the midsection of the profile.

Forward notes here are sweet, they mix with the OG tones to create a slightly tarted petrol edge that blends downwards to shallow earths. The tarts monopolize the profile, stealing the show from the earths. I find the sweet earths are less present in the profile and after a few rounds in the vaporizer it truly shows its OG roots. Overall, it is well done. Pronunciation is good, I tried to look up the terpene content for this but couldn’t find any information for it on the CannTrust website. Bet it logs between 2%-3% terpene content.

This was $10.99 for a single gram. It smokes well, good structure, dynamic flavours. CannTrust seems to be reliable in these categories, I’d put them top 3 for quality across all the producers I’ve tried so far.

I really like to review unique varieties, something unknown with a good backstory. This is the opposite of that, very common, no backstory. OG crosses are generally fairly available. I naturally want to dislike it, but cannot deny the character of its profile. CannTrust has also released a Strawberry Breeze and Northern Pride, it’d be prudent to look out for those, given this positive experience.

Much of their menu seems to be re-worked or re-branded versions of popular varieties (at least the 3 we reviewed so far). I liken it to viewing old photos inside shiny new frames, bordering on yawn-worthy. I’ll surely be back for the taste and quality of their product, but would love to see what they would do if they grew something from this decade. But let’s be realistic, it is tactically advantageous to enter a competitive market with products that appeal to a wide audience.

Question is, will the market prefer consistency over variety? Are they even mutually exclusive? I find myself asking if I would have accepted less quality or paid more to get something I view as ‘more special’. For me, I would have paid more but I don’t think the compromise needs to be made, there are producers out there now with both quality and variety. However, I was unable to purchase from the majority of them via the Alberta Cannabis store. So maybe I’ll wait and see.

Pink Kush by MedReleaf (San Rafael ’71)

Pink Kush by MedReleaf (San Rafael ’71)

I’ve had Pink Kush from a handful of producers: Broken Coast, CannaFarms, Tilray. Each variety had their differences, and their similarities. Overall, I find it all very hard to get excited about. Before diving right into MedReleaf’s Pink Kush, first we talk about the my […]